Utilities: Templates: Cannot Create New Template - Window is freezed?

When the user is trying to create a new template, the template editor window automatically minimizes, and, if it's maximized again, it appears greyed out and is unresponsive. Note that OpenBridge Modeler is working as designed as the user must follow the command prompt to select a view to work with. Check the steps and the highlights in red in the image below:

  1. Initially, the users can read the Status bar at the bottom of the interface. The active command is "Select View for Template Design", which is why the Template Creation Window is minimized and greyed out.
  2. So, the only possible next step is to select a view to continue working. The user can open a new View by selecting the number or directly mouse-click on a view on the screen. 
  3. This will temporarily activate the Drawing workflow for the selected view and the user can start the template creation from the WP - Working Point.