Distances in the Pile Layout

In OpenBridge Modeler the distances in the Pile Layout Tab can be manually edited to update the model individually with the pile's on-site construction errors. Local eccentricities can be added to the model by modifying the current pile Distances.

The user can access these menus in the model or the library. For a current model, it can be selected either on-screen by mouse right-clicking, by the tree menu, or at properties. Once the substructure template is selected it can be modified by accessing the main menu at the three dots button "...", as shown in the screenshot below.


Inside the Substructure template, the user accesses the Piles Tab and, at the Pattern Layout, the Distances can be modified by selecting the Manual option at the bottom.


Note: all distances are referenced to the reference axis created from the Margin options!

This means, if the margins are set to 0, the distances would be from the Top Left of the footing. If they're all not 0, these distances become relative to the first created axis at the top and left of the footing.