OpenTunnel Designer CONNECT Edition

OpenTunnel Designer is a comprehensive tunnel information modeling application built on OpenRoads technology addressing the geometric layout, connection to analysis and design, visualization and documentation for conventional and mechanized (TBM) tunnels at any scale of tunnel project. Built using MicroStation CONNECT Edition PowerPlatform and the Civil Framework technology, it allows you to collaborate more efficiently across disciplines, facilitating data re-use across the tunnel life cycle from concept to design and analysis to construction, and all the way to maintenance and operations. OpenTunnel Designer features several custom modeling tools geared to rapidly build accurate physical tunnel models, tied together parametrically, allowing for instant updates to the tunnel based on potential changes to roadway/rail geometry. OpenTunnel Designer leapfrogs the need for proficiency in 3D drafting, by allowing you to parametrically define, re-use and assemble components making the tool easy to use for tunnel, structural engineers as well as roadway/rail engineers. Preliminary cost estimates provide quick insights into structure costs, and you can quickly leverage the tools in the product to rapidly develop realistic renderings for project pursuits or public presentations.