How to import coordinates x,y,z and their respective labels or text

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Problem Description

How to import x,y,z points from a text or CSV format file, specifying either the use of labels or text at those imported positions.

Steps to Accomplish

1. Open a 3D file

2. Use the Tool XYZ Text\Import coordinates

Note: Available from Tool Menu\Tool boxes

3. Select import coordinates
4. Press Browse and navigate to the directory where we have the text file with the coordinates

Note: The format must be something like what is shown in the image below (X, Y, Z coordinates). If you file has just X and Y values, you need to add a value to Z, for example Z=0

5. Select this file and then press process
This will introduce the coordinates (points).
It is recommended to change the active line weight and also color to make them more easily visible.

6. To introduce the labels or Text you need to use the application
You can download it from here to place text at specific coordinates
7. Save it in the default directory  C:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries)\MicroStation\mdlapps
8. Go to Utilities menu\ MDL applicacions
9. Select Browse button and select

This will launch a dialog like this 

10. You can use the default values or change the color and Xoffset, Yoffset or just select the file directly

Note: this text file needs to has the following format (label name or text with blank spaces and,x,y,z)

this will introduce the labels or text


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