PLAXIS calculation does not run when free disk space > 2 TB

ApplicationPLAXIS 2D
Issue status✔ Solved
First Affected VersionPLAXIS 2D 2011.00
PLAXIS 3D 2012.00
Found in VersionPLAXIS 2D 2011.00
PLAXIS 3D 2012.00
Fixed and Released in VersionSolved in a recent version
Issue #16975
Date created23 July 2013
Date modified24 October 2016

Problem description

Prior to running a calculation step, the calculation kernel will determine if there is enough free disk space to store the new calculation step. When the PLAXIS 2D 64 bit calculation kernel detects more than 2 TB of free disk space, the calculation kernel stops unexpectedly.


A workaround is available by storing the files that are being used for the actual calculation, in a folder on a drive with less than 2 TB free disk space.

This issue has been resolved in PLAXIS 2DAE.00 and PLAXIS 2D Classic, and PLAXIS 3D 2013.00