Sekiguchi-Ohta Model

ApplicationPLAXIS 2D
VersionPLAXIS 2D
Date created02 May 2011
Date modified02 May 2011

The Sekiguchi-Ohta model is a Cam-Clay type effective stress model for the behaviour of clay-type soils.

Two versions of the model exist:

The Sekiguchi-Ohta models have been developed with scientific support from Tokyo Geotech. This support is gratefully acknowledged.

Initially only available as User Define Soil Models, since 2D 2012 and 3D AE the material models are available as standard material models for Bentley Geotechnical SELECT Entitlement [GSE] (former PLAXIS-VIP) users.

For more details, customers from Japan should contact JIP Techno Science, our representative for Japan. Or should refer to the material models manuals of PLAXIS 2D or PLAXIS 3D.