How to Start MicroStation "As Administrator"

 Version:v8i, CONNECT
 Environment:Windows 10

This article describes how to start MicroStation with administrator privileges while logged-in as a "normal" user.


By default, processes and applications are initiated in Windows OS environments as a "normal user" rather than with "administrator rights" even if the logged in user starting this processes has "Administrator" privileges.

Windows essentially keeps you running as a common user even while logged-in on an Administrator account.

A user needs to explicitly tell Windows to run a process or application with "Administrator Rights".

Steps to Accomplish

Option 1 - Start MicroStation "As Administrator" Once (or Manually)

1. Right click on MicroStation's desktop shortcut

2. Select "Run As Administrator" from the context menu as shown in the picture below

Option 2 - Always Run As Administrator

1. Right click on MicroStation's shortcut

2. Select "Properties" within the context menu

3. Select the "Compatibility" tab 

4. Tick "Run this program as an administrator" as shown in the picture below

5. Click "Apply" then "OK"

Option 3 - Manually Run As Administrator from Windows 10 search

1. In the Windows 10 search bar (generally bottom left corner of OS interface), type in "MicroStation"

2. Locate your application product version (v8i, CONNECT Edition, etc.)

3. Right-click the application, then select "Run as administrator"

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 Original Author:Marco Salino