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This is the Wiki where you can find information about developing with any MicroStation SDK and MicroStation VBA.

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MicroStation and various MicroStation-based application platform product lines provide developers (as well as users) with extension capabilities -- from easy customization to tight integration with other Windows applications. Developers who want to embed or extend functionality in MicroStation and Bentley products can easily do so with available Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Software Development Kits (SDKs).

MicroStation APIs allow for seamless integration of professional quality applications with MicroStation and Bentley products. It is the recommended way to access Bentley DGN files with full fidelity. Applications can be developed to provide consistent functionality and capabilities across the products and product lines on which they run. MicroStation and Bentley applications platform APIs can be used to develop simple utilities, customized commands, or sophisticated commercial applications for specific solutions. Bentley developers use the same APIs to incorporate modular functionality into MicroStation-based products. MicroStation can also host and interface with a variety of programs and applications written in C, C++, C#, and Visual Basic.

MicroStation the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications engine. The MicroStationDGN object library is a powerful development platform to build upon, access, and integrate within your solutions. Information on MicroStation VBA is included with the documentation that is delivered with the product -- see SELECTservices Online.

Other sources of technical information for developers include:

Additional resources and options are available for commercial and SELECT subscriber in-house development.