How to apply Reference Adjust Colors by key-in

 Version:V8i. CONNECT


Applying adjusted colors to reference files via the dialog box can be time consuming. If repeated settings need to be applied a key-in command can be used manually, via custom tools, VBA or batch process to apply consistent color adjustment to references.


The selections in this dialog are all available via the key-in: REFERENCE ADJUSTCOLORS

The key-in syntax is:

REFERENCE ADJUSTCOLORS Value,Saturation,Print Adjusted Colors - toggle on/off 1/0,Adjustment Factor/Fixed - toggle radio buttons 1/0,Hue (leave field blank to turn off Fixed Hue),Transparency [reference]

e.g. to set as the dialog shown above:

REFERENCE ADJUSTCOLORS 80,0,0,1,0,0.000000 *

where the wildcard * includes all references ('all' can also be used to include all references). If the reference is not specified by name or logical name, any references highlighted in the reference dialog will be used, otherwise you will be prompted to select a reference to apply the key-in to.

Some settings are all optional. For example, to set all of the colors in an attached reference file to 50% grey: select the file in the reference file dialog box, then use the key-in:

reference adjustcolors 50,0

That gives 50% value, 0% saturation (grey), and tells it to use Fixed Hue, i.e.  that value and saturation for  all colors. Where saturation is 0, the hue doesn't matter, so that can be left off.

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