3D Arbitrary Sliding Direction

Application3D SVSLOPE 

This example is used to illustrate the analysis of a three-dimensional slope stability model using the Orientation Analysis feature of SVSLOPE, i.e., a slip surface direction that does not follow the x-axis. A range of slip surface directions is analyzed and the effect on the factor of safety for the slope is noted.

This example consists of a simple one layer slope. The model is analyzed using the Bishop Simplified method and the GLE (Fredlund) method. The purpose of this example is to analyze the stability of a simple slope along several different slip surface directions and present the resultant factors of safety.

 The model is developed from: Jiang et al., Can. Geotech. J. 40: 308-325 (2003). Jiang results were a FOS = 1.33 using the Dynamic Programming search method and the Janbu analysis method.