How to turn off the display when attaching a Reference

 Version(s):V8i, CONNECT


How do I control the display of References during the attachment process?


Having attached References to a design, it is possible to toggle its display using the 'Display' column setting in the References dialog, but how can this be toggled ON/OFF during the actual reference attachment process?


This setting can be controlled during the attachment of the reference by toggling the 'Display' icon on the 'Reference Attachment Properties' dialog during attachment.


This configuration variable MS_REF_DEFAULTSETTINGS can also be used to set the default attachment settings including a setting for default display. As with other variables, these can be set at various levels affecting across the whole Organization, WorkSpace, WorkSet, or specifically for a user by modifying the appropriate configuration file - thus, you may wish to consult your Site Administrator to have this set up properly and effectively.

To turn OFF the reference display, set the variable:

                      MS_REF_DEFAULTSETTINGS = levelControlDisplay=0

To turn ON the reference display, set the variable:

                      MS_REF_DEFAULTSETTINGS = levelControlDisplay=1

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