Extended command syntax for mesh generation

ApplicationPLAXIS 3D
VersionCONNECT Edition V20 Update 2
Date created29 April 2020
Date modified29 April 2020


With PLAXIS 3D CONNECT Edition V20 Update 2 it is possible to generate the mesh via the command line using a series of property – value pairs, which correspond to the options shown in the Mesh option window.

This includes the newly released feature of Swept meshing. Information on the Swept meshing feature can be found in the article Swept meshing in PLAXIS 3D.

Extended command syntax

In Mesh mode, it is possible to generate the mesh of a given project by clicking on the icon and assign values for the different properties in the Mesh options window. By default, these property – value pairs are filled-in as follows:

PLAXIS 3D CONNECT Edition V20 Update 2 allows to run the mesh command through the command line by using the following property – value structure:

mesh {1,...} "Property name" Property value

An example of the command using this structure is the following:

mesh "Coarseness" 0.05 "UseEnhancedRefinements" True "EMRGlobalScale" 1.2 "EMRMinElementSize" 0.005 "UseSweptMeshing" False

If the Enhanced mesh refinements property is set as False (equivalent to unselecting this property in Mesh options window), then there is no need to define the corresponding refinement values and the mesh can be generated by using the following structure for the mesh command:

mesh "Coarseness" 0.05 "UseEnhancedRefinements" False "UseSweptMeshing" False

Note that, by default, PLAXIS uses the following values to define the element distribution for the global coarseness:

Very Coarse0.1
Very Fine0.025

For more information on this command and the available properties, check under menu Help > Command reference and the Reference manual.

See also

Information on the swept meshing feature can be found in the article: Swept meshing in PLAXIS 3D