SVENVIRO End of Support Notice

SVENVIRO will be entering EXPIRING SUPPORT status on January 1, 2021, and SUPPORT DISCONTINUED status will come into effect on January 1, 2022. Information on the Bentley Desktop Applications Support Policy can be found here:

SVENVIRO is one of the licensed products available with the SOILVISION CONNECT Edition V10 installation. It was not included in any of the SOILVISION Suite licenses. The SOILVISION CONNECT Edition V10.04.00.135 (October 2020) was the final release that included software updates specific to SVENVIRO.

The Bentley geotechnical analysis products under the SOILVISION brand have adopted the PLAXIS brand and simplified licensing options have been introduced. The PLAXIS CONNECT Edition V21 set of geotechnical analysis products has been released January 2021. For more information visit

The PLAXIS LE CONNECT Edition V21 version released January 2021, does not include the use of SVENVIRO. The PLAXIS LE CONNECT Edition V21 version installer will update (overwrite) the SOILVISION CONNECT Edition V10.04.00.135 installation, so users who want to retain use of SVENVIRO should maintain a copy of SOILVISION CONNECT Edition V10.04.00.135 on a computer separate from the next CONNECT Edition version.

SVENVIRO offered geo-environmental analysis including the groundwater flow (SVENVIRO-SVFLUX), contaminant transport (SVENVIRO-SVCHEM), geothermal (SVENVIRO-SVHEAT), and pore-air flow (SVENVIRO-SVAIR) modules. The SVENVIRO product uses the FlexPDE® finite element solution engine (PDE Solutions Inc.). Licenses for FlexPDE® are separate from SVENVIRO and sold separately by PDE Solutions Inc..

Most of the feature set of the SVENVIRO-SVFLUX groundwater flow module is equivalent to the feature set of the groundwater flow module in PLAXIS LE using the PLAXIS LE Groundwater finite-element solver.

Contact your Bentley Contract Renewal representative about a PLAXIS 2D LE or PLAXIS 3D LE license.