How to import and edit PDF file in DGN



How can a PDF file be imported into MicroStation for further editing in MicroStation?

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This functionality was implemented in MicroStation Update 17 as a technology preview.

You can import vector data available in PDF files as DGN elements (such as lines, polygon strokes, curves, polygons, text and so on).

Vector elements are represented as drawing elements.

If a PDF file contains text as vector data, it appears as text in the DGN file.

As delivered PDF files will be imported or merged into DGN files as raster images, this is to maintain consistency with existing workflows while this feature is in Technical Preview.

To enable the import as vector function the value of variable MS_IMPORT_USINGADOBEPDF must be changed from 1, its delivered value, to a new value of 0.

After changing the value for this configuration variable, restart your MicroStation session for the changes to take effect.

Note: If the imported PDF is missing font information for text, MicroStation displays text in Arial font by default.

If a PDF file contains images (raster elements) along with vector data, images in the DGN are displayed as raster attachments and are not converted to vector elements.

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