Restore MicroStation to Factory defaults

 Product:MicroStation, MicroStation PowerDraft
 Version:08.09.xx.xx and above

How to restore MicroStation to its factory defaults


In some rare occasions, such as after a workstation power failure or an application crash, MicroStation can refuse to start up correctly, either crashing or showing an error on file open (e.g. "unable to load/create dialog item of type 'iconcmd', id = xx"). In these cases resetting MicroStation to its factory defaults can resolve the issue.

Steps to Accomplish

Option 1: From Windows' Run or Search command

  1. From Windows "Start" Button, click on your right mouse button, and then select "Run"
  2. Browse to ustation.exe (Default location for V8i: C:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries)\MicroStation\ustation.exe)
    Browse to microstation.exe (Default location for MicroStation Connect: C:\Program Files\Bentley\MicroStation CONNECT Edition\MicroStation\microstation.exe)
  3. Place a space after the exe and type:
    eg.       ...\ustation.exe" and type -restoredefaults
                ...\microstation.exe" and type -restoredefaults
    NOTE: the ustation.exe full path is in quotes. Place a space AFTER the quotes, then type -restoredefaults. A MicroStation command window will open displaying the details of the operation.
  4. Press any key to Exit.

Option 2: As a command line switch within the application shortcut

  1. Right-click on the MicroStation shortcut icon and choose Properties
  2. Go to the Shortcut tab
  3. Place -restoredefaults after the current line in the Target field (...\ustation.exe" -restoredefaults,  ...\microstation.exe" -restoredefaults) (note the space between the end quotes and -restoredefaults).
  4. Press Apply and Ok
  5. Run MicroStation from this shortcut
  6. A MicroStation command window will open displaying the details of the operation
  7. Press any key to Exit
  8. Go back in to MicroStation shortcut properties, and remove the space and -restoredefaults from the end of the file path

Option 3: From the MS-DOS Prompt Command Line

  1. From Explorer, browse to MicroStation folder (Default location V8i: C:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries)\MicroStation\,  Default location Connect: C:\Program Files\Bentley\MicroStation CONNECT Edition\MicroStation\)
  2. Right-Click the folder "MicroStation" then Select the option "Open MS-DOS Prompt"
  3. The Command Window will open
  4. Type in: ustation -restoredefaults,  microstation -restoredefaults
    A MicroStation command window will open displaying the details of the operation.
  5. Press any key to Exit.
  6. Type "exit" to exit the command prompt.

    Note: To run the Restore command silently with no User intervention, replace " -restoredefaults"
    with " -restoredefaultsquiet" (Minus the quotes).

If you have custom configuration that you have added to your environment through the Manage Configuration tool,
click here: New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 17 – Manage Configuration - MicroStation Blog - MicroStation - Bentley Communities,  these will first need to be backed up.

To do this find these two files in this location C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Local\Bentley\MicroStation\10.0.0\prefs\

Copy these files out to separate location on your machine. These files store the workspace information stored in workspace environment.


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 Original Author:Marco Salino