Cannot Copy/Paste Block from DWG to DGN

Applies To
Version(s):V8i, V8i (SELECTseries)
Original Author:Conor King, Bentley Technical Support Group

Problem Description

When trying to Copy and Paste an AutoCAD Block (cell) from a DWG/DXF file using the commands CTRL+C and CTRL+V or Edit > Copy and Edit > Paste,

the Block will not paste into the DGN. With two sessions open;

Steps to Resolve

  1. The Block may contain 3D attributes although it looks 2D, as by default DWG files are 3D
  2. Check the type of Model in the DGN file when pasting
  3. When creating a Model in a DGN file, there is an option to select if the Model will be 2D or 3D for both Design Model and Sheet Model, see images below..
  4. If a 3D Design Model or 3D Sheet Model, the Block can be sucessfully pasted


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