Resolved Issues in ProStructures CONNECT Edition Update 3

Defect NumberDescription
699407Improved Cached View Support
707806Resolved issues with 2D Rebar representations
785926Improved 2D rebar resymbolization
857525Improved text scaling in Rebar Labels
861120Resolved issues with 2D Rebar update
864266Improved arrow terminators in 2D Rebar Labels
884356Resolved issues with modeling arc reinforcement using Irregular Dispatch Reinforcing
885093Resolved issues with opening reinforcement
885094Resolved issues with perimeter trimmer reinforcement
891767Improved concrete positioning including reinforcement comparison
891940Improved 2D rebar label placement
892110Optimized Concrete and Steel ribbon UI
265798The dialog visibility and images are enhanced for various connections
275498All Solid concrete references are showing up in Imodels
272325DIN EN ISO 2553 support for the presentation of welding symbols is implemented
797089Fraction stacking settings for imperial weld, elevation and position flags was improved
916716Text style for Position Flag is in any cases following the assigned Text Style
941041Text styles are now following always the dimension style settings
983845,The position flag and weld flag appearances were enhanced for various cases
796367Length, names, and annotations are now fully conforming to the imperial formatting convention
918567The construction axis is now always correctly dimensioned
956114The Box frame detail is showing position flags of objects now only inside the box frame
923939Hidden lines are correctly calculated for objects hidden under curved plates with modifications
743772Hidden display classes are now converted from existing DWG´s
907991ProStructures object properties are now working with all Display Rule Conditions
948592ProStructures properties do work with Display Rules of MicroStation Display Styles
798222Access to the section mapping table is available during ISM import.
972972Improvements in ISM for curved members
963172Converted PS solids to native MS smart solids have now tags attached when saving DGN to DWG
571121Numerous improvements to NC export for edge preparation and contours
928787Full implementation of Zeman robotic assembler
970727Improvements in opening time for ProStructures Series 8 DGN
817242The file size and the element amount for detail drawings were significantly reduced
933963the handling of Structural Stair elements was enhanced
934545The conversion speed DWG to DGN was improved
937859The opening speed for DGN´s has improved
1004164the copy and move speed for Structural elements Stair was boosted
939841Fabtrol List for Group and Group Part List to ProSteel Reporting added
871902,Various issues in online documentation have been addressed.
920681Welded shapes can be stretched with grip points or fence stretch
931984Flybrace Purlin Beam Connection is now working with welded  I Shapes
944333,Grouping is improved for various connections
961531Several Connections have been improved in functionality
974174,The Stiffener Distribution connection is available now and was enhanced
1000046Work frame views are maintained when copied within the same DGN
973700Position Mapping is now available in Preferences
979559Long bar label placeholders’ box does accept manually entered input now.