How to customize .ini file for Base Plate in Standard Baseplate Command

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Baseplate database

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Sandip Kar, Bentley Product Advantage Group


For German shapes in Standard Base Plate tool, there is predefined database for base plate sizing for the particular column shape. but the same is not available for other Localization or Work spaces.

Original issue description:
I am a bit confused as to how to build a database for baseplates.What does the BasePlateSizingMetric.ini
and the BasePlate.dbf files do.I am assuming the dbf file is an old one. Does it still work it currently
does not load in my baseplate dialog despite having a config variable set for it.
The BasePlateSizingMetric.ini file gives some clue as to how it works with DIN sections where there is
a table in the DIN section database.I like the way it works with the German build but I am not German so
if can I get some guidance on the table headers used in (DIN.sf_be, DIN.sf_ba ect) I will build the databases
from there.


To create the same for other Work spaces, one need to customize the BasePlateSizingMetric.ini file in notepad and accordingly changes  need to be done in that particular .mdb file.

We have detail explanation of how to customize the database and the .ini file. One can download the document from the following link provided.