Activating alert for Revision Control for Single parts and groups at the time of any change on those

Version(s):Connect Edition
Subarea:Revision control
Original Author:Sandip Kar, Bentley Product Advantage Group


When positioning is done and after that some changes to be incorporated and that change to be done by other user, system should display alert to that user about the positioning status to avoid any error.
This document will explain how to enable that option so that user can come to know about the status of positioning.


To explain this, let start with the below example.

1. We have here 4 plates of different thickness and already initial Positioning done.


2. Now Go to ProSteel Options / Options > Revision check and in Single parts , "At changes" change to "Ask to delete Position Number"

3. In addition to this you can also enable to save the position no.

4. After enabling, say ok and return back to model and change width of one plate. It will then give you prompt with alert "this part is already positioned. How should the position number be processed"
Below image explains the different option to process the Positioning

5 Now for the sake of this example, I will go with first option to delete the existing position number and you will see that Position Number is now blank.


6. In the same way one can do the settings for Groups also