Text alignment changes from Bottom to Descender


Problem Description

After catalogs from promis.e V8i for AutoCAD are migrated to promis.e V8i Standalone, text that had a Bottom alignment is now a Descender alignment in the migrated catalog. For example, Bottom Left becomes Left Descender.


AutoCAD has Top, Middle, and Bottom vertical alignment for text. MicroStation and thus Promis.e Standalone has Top, Center, Bottom, and Descender vertical alignment. AutoCAD's Bottom alignment is most equivalent to MicroStation's Descender alignment, where all parts of the text are above the insertion point, even parts that descend like lower case j and y. MicroStation's Bottom alignment has the lower parts of j and y below the insertion point, so that is not as good of a match. Therefore, AutoCAD Bottom alignment is being properly migrated to Descender alignment.

There is a slight difference between AutoCAD's Bottom and MicroStation's Descender alignment. In a test with 0.125"  RomanS font, the very bottom of the "j" was about 0.013" above the insertion point in promis.e Standalone. In promis.e for AutoCAD, the bottom of the "j" was right on the insertion point. This is unavoidable but minor, and may depend on the font.

 Original Author:Matt_P