Symbols from other catalogs appear in migrated catalog


Problem Description

After a legacy catalog is migrated using the [[Migration Wizard]], symbols appear in the resulting catalog that were not in the source catalog.


During the migration process, symbols contained in macros must be migrated and so they are converted and placed in the Symbols group in the migrated catalog. In the catalog migration log, a "This symbol is only existed in Macros" comment will appear next to the names of such symbols. 

If macros in one catalog contain symbols from another catalog, the symbols will end up in both catalogs when they are migrated.

Steps to Resolve

Option 1

  1. Migrate only the macros from the legacy catalog into Catalog A. This catalog will contain the macros and symbols contained in those macros.

  2. Migrate everything except the macros from the legacy catalog into Catalog B. The Symbols group of this catalog will contain only symbols that should be kept, not symbols found only in macros.

  3. Copy the just the macros from Catalog A into Catalog B using Cut or Copy and Paste in [[Catalog Manager]].

  4. Delete Catalog A from [[Setup]] > Catalog Paths.

  5. Delete the folder for Catalog A.

Option 2

  1. After migrating a catalog, click the button on the Migration Wizard to view the log. If the catalog in question was the last catalog migrated, the log file, named log_ImpCat.txt, can also be found in the "[[Program data folder - promis.e|Program Data folder]].

  2. Search the file for "This symbol is only existed in Macros"

    Convert Symbol FU3 --> OK (This Symbol is only existed in Macros)

  3. Remove the corresponding symbols from the catalog using [[Catalog Manager]].

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