Placing intermediate beams between main beams using Shape tool

Version(s):CONNECT Edition
Subarea:Shape placement
Original AuthorSandip Kar, Bentley Product Advantage Group


When modeling Floor, we need to place intermediate beams between main Girders or Supporting members. Using shape tool we can easily place multiple beams in a single click, which in other way can save a lot of time.

This document will explain how to place no of intermediate beams between main supporting beams using Shape Tool


Please follow the steps listed below.

1. Open the Shape Tool via Steel Workflow > Home > Steel Placement > Shapes. And click on the button as highlighted in following picture.

2. This will allow you to place multiple beams. After clicking it will ask you to identify first and second beam between which those beams to be connected.

3. It then will ask to input the distribution of beams and then say ok. It will then place the beams according to the distribution.

In this way one can place multiple beams while modeling in floor or platform