Encryption of ProStructures DGN file by Password Protection

Product(s):ProStructures, ProSteel, ProConcrete
Version(s):CONNECT Edition (10.XX.00.XX)
Original Author:Alistair Lobo, Bentley Product Advantage Group

Background Information

For file protection, a password can be attached to the ProStructures DGN file.


1) You first need to enable the Protection variable form the Configuration Variables within the ProStructures application.

2) For this you need to open the Configuration Variables toolbox. Simply access this by searching in the Search toolbar. 

Or you can access it from the application backstage, i.e. File > Settings > Configuration > Configuration Variables.

3) Here, you need to search for the variable, MS_PROTECTION_ENABLE. Then select the same and click on the ‘Edit’ button and set its value to ‘2’ then click on OK.

4) After this, navigate to File > Tools > Protection > Protect

5) This will then prompt the Protect dialog box. Here you need to set a password for the file and then say OK

NOTE: a) The password must be minimum 5 characters long. 
            b) The password once set cannot be recovered and thus, if it is forgotten then the file cannot be opened.  

6) This will then open the Digital Rights dialog box which will show the properties of the protection. 

7) You can then close this, and your file will get password protected. The same can be review in the Message Center

8) The next time this file is opened, it will prompt for the password input.

You can then put in the correct password and click OK and continue working with your model. 

In this manner, you can encrypt your ProStructures DGN file with a password and protect it