Cloning of connection or copying of connection from one location to multiple locations

Version(s):CONNECT Edition
Area:Connection Manipulation
Original AuthorSandip Kar, Bentley technical Support Group


We need to do connections between Beam to Beam, Column to Beam, Beam to Purlin and so on. It may happen that same connection to be applied in multiple locations. In that case the cloning of connection is very helpful to reduce the time especially when the model size is large enough.. Here step by step detail descriptions are provided, how to clone connection.


1. Right click and hold on the applied connection and from the listed options click on PS Change Connection.

2. The connection dialog box will open. Click on Clone tool   . Then the system will ask to identify connection to match properties/Reset to insert multiple connections.

3. Right click and then select all the supported and supporting shapes through cross window and then left click. The connections will be applied at all the joints and also the connection dialog box will appear. Click on   button and you will find all the joints with connection applied.

4. It can also be done Filter when right click. With Right Click, Filter option will come in a new dialog which when clicked you can filter accordingly and can do the process.

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