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For Bentley Substation CONNECT Edition, see the Default Project Options File section of the [[Deployment Guide - Substation CONNECT Edition]] article.


This document describes how to create project option profiles on which new projects can be based and how to configure the software so that the desired project options are applied to new projects by default. 

Project option settings are stored as .XML files. These .XML files can be distributed to workstations or shared on a network. Project options can be "saved off" to .XML files from the [[Options]] dialog.

Steps to Accomplish

To create a project options .xml file:

  1. Create a project and configure the settings in [[Options]] > Project Options as desired. Refer to the "Project Management" section of Help for details.

  2. Click the floppy disk icon on the "Project options" bar on the left or the "Save Options Profile" link on the right.

  3. The Save Project Options Profile dialog will appear. Give this file a meaningful name. To avoid confusion, consider including "ProjectOptions" in the file name.  If the Manage Data Folder Path method on the [[Setup]] dialog is used, save the file in the \[[5367|promis-e Data]]\Config\Options folder or \[[Substation Data folder|Substation Data]]\Config\Options folder so that it is available for selection on the [[Setup]] dialog as discussed in the next section.

Note: It is acceptable to overwrite an existing project option profile in one of the above paths as a means of "modifying" it.  Never overwrite a non-project options .XML file with the project options settings. This will result in program errors. 

Do not overwrite a ProjectOptions.xml file in a project folder.  This can have unexpected results.

Using the newly created project options file

To use this file when creating a new project, simply click the [...] button near the Use Project Options From field in the New Project dialog and browse for the .xml file.New Project dialog and browse for the .xml file.

To have this file appear in the Use Project Options From field of the New Project dialog by default:

  1. Close all open pages and open the [[Setup]] dialog.

  2. In the System Paths tab or area, locate the Project Option Profile path.

  3. Click the down arrow button (the browse [...] button if managing individual paths) and select the newly created project options .XML file.  Make sure that only a project options .XML file is selected.

  4. Click OK.

Now every time a new project is created, it will have these options by default. A different project options .XML file can still be selected for Use Project Options From when a new project is being created. 

See also

[[Network Installation Guide]] for making the template project options available to other users and distributing the Setup settings to other users.

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