Catalog Paths

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The list of catalogs in Catalog Paths specifies which catalogs are available when creating or placing symbols, macros, title blocks, and device families. The order of the catalog paths in the list determines the order in which the catalogs are searched. The topmost catalog path will be the default catalog selected when saving items to a catalog.

In V8i, catalog paths are configured on the Setup dialog, affecting all projects.

In the CONNECT Edition, catalog paths are first configured for the WorkSpace, which can contain several projects. The WorkSpace catalog paths can be appended to, prepended, or ignored (overwritten) by project-specific catalog paths.

To open the Catalog Paths dialog


To view or modify the catalog paths for the WorkSpace:

  1. On [[Project Manager]], click the button for WorkSpace Configuration Variables

  2. In the row for the ELEC_CATALOG_PATH variable, click the [...] ellipsis button in the Value field.

To view or modify the catalog paths specific to the project:

  1. Select the project in [[Project Manager]] then click the button for New/Modify Project,

    or right-click the project and select Modify Project from the pop up.
  2. Select the Content tab on the Modify Project dialog.


Select [[Setup]] > Catalog Paths

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