Migrating Bentley Substation from V8i to CONNECT Edition - Bentley Substation v10.00-10.02

Product(s):Bentley Substation CONNECT Edition
Version(s):10.00 - 10.02


This article discusses how to migrate your V8i datasets and projects to the new Substation CONNECT Edition.

In Substation V8i, the application relied on its own setup configuration which was stored in the setup.xml file to locate the dataset, connect to the project database, and specify various default settings. In Substation CONNECT Edition, however, this setup.xml is replaced by the native Power Platform configuration system.

Note: Power Platform is the MicroStation core application that underlies the Substation CONNECT Edition product.

New Substation configuration variables have been introduced that can be set in any configuration file to achieve the same purposes that the setup.xml served in the V8i versions. See the Configuration Variables article for a complete listing.

In addition, you may wish to review the Configuration Files article to learn where these variables can be set to configure the software.

Dataset Migration

In V8i, the dataset was stored in the Substation Data folder which included the following folders:

In Substation CONNECT Edition, these folders have been moved under a Workspace found here:

C:\ProgramData\Bentley\Bentley Substation CONNECT Edition\Configuration\WorkSpaces\Substation Example\Standards\Substation\

To migrate your V8i dataset to CONNECT and deploy that dataset to all users within your organization you should follow the instructions in the article: Deployment Guide - Substation CONNECT Edition.

Project Migration

Currently there is no method to update a legacy V8i project database to CONNECT. To access your V8i projects in the CONNECT Edition you must follow these steps:

  1. Create a new CONNECT project database by following the instructions in this article: Creating and Updating the Project Database.
  2. In V8i, use the Project Manager’s Backup tool to create a project backup file.
  3. In CONNECT Edition, create a new WorkSet matching the name of your V8i project.
  4. In the Project Manager, right click on the WorkSet you created in step 2 and select “Restore.”
  5. Browse to the V8i backup file you created in step 1 and click “OK” to restore the project to this WorkSet.
  6. You can now open and edit this project in Substation CONNECT Edition.

This project migration information can also be found in the Deployment Guide - Substation CONNECT Edition.

Note: In a future CONNECT Edition Update release Bentley plans to support a directly updating the legacy V8i Project Database so that the Backup/Restore workflow will not be required.