Zero Concrete Weight and Volume after converting from solid

 Version(s):CONNECT Edition (10.xx.00.xx)
 Subarea:Concrete Placement
 Original Author:Kemuel Jancorda, User Success Team

Problem Description

After converting a solid to concrete using Concrete Solid Overlay, zero values are displayed for Weight and Volume in the concrete data.

Possible scenario for this occurrence:

1. The user unintentionally generated a surface instead of a solid.

2. The user created a surface with no thickness data.


1. The user needs to ensure that right tools are being used. Some tools from Surfaces and Solids tab are very similar such as Revolve tool. Inspecting graphically from the 3D Model, it is hardly to notice the hollow core of a surface especially if you are trying to do a full revolution. However, checking the tooltips will confirm the information.

2. To create a surface with thickness, click the drop-down icon as highlighted below to select the appropriate orientation of the thickness. Then, enter the desired thickness value. This way the generated surface will automatically converted to a Solid.

After creating the correct Solids to convert into a concrete using Concrete Solid Overlay, you may now inspect the weight and volume data in the concrete data with proper values.

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