Parametric Modeling - ProConcrete CONNECT Edition

 Version(s):CONNECT Edition (10.XX.00.XX)
 Area:Parametric Modeling tools
 Original Author:Vyanktesh Nama, Bentley Product Advantage Group


Parametric modeling tools give you a degree of flexibility which is not possible with conventional 3D tools. Parametric modeling allows complex elements to be edited easily without the need to be manually rebuilt.

The general procedure for parametric modeling includes creating a profile by using 2D drafting tools and extruding or revolving the profile into a solid or surface using the 3D creation tools. Various other steps can be added to achieve an intricate design. For example. applying features to the 3D element will let you design complex machine parts. To simplify the workflow, constraints can be applied to the 2D profiles and also to the 3D parametric elements. This workflow captures the design logic, and provides reusability to generated parametric component which can be placed as a Parametric Cell. So, the overall workflow would include the following stages:
  1. Create a 2D parametric sketch (profile)
  2. Apply constraints to the 2D parametric profile
  3. Create a 3D parametric element using the 2D profile
  4. Modify the 3D element using handles or changing the parameters
  5. Apply constraints to the 3D parametric elements
  6. Apply variable-driven features to create complex design components
  7. Reuse the complete component by placing it in another design as parametric Cell

Parametric elements keep a record of how objects are built. When you change parameters in the element, the element is updated automatically. MicroStation re-executes the operations used to create the object using the new inputs to generate a new result.

In ProConcrete CONNECT Edition, one can use these parametric solids to reinforce using Face Based Rebar Modeling (FBRM) and Rebar tools (like Single Rebar, Single RebarSet, Irregular Dispatch, Single Bar Distribution). So, this section contains the wikis related to the Parametric Modeling tools in ProConcrete CONNECT Edition.

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