Title block missing from pages

Product(s):Promis.e, Bentley Substation
Version(s):08.11.10.xx -
Area:Project Management
Subarea:Project Manager

Problem Description

When I create a new project page I am able to select the title block I want to use, but when the new page opens the title block is not visible. The page format elements are visible and the Level Manager indicates the ECT_PAGE_TITL_LOGO is Used so it is present, just not visible.


This can occur if the title block is in "sheet mode".

Steps to Resolve

To move the title block out of sheet mode

  1. Right-click the page in [[Project Manager]] and select Modify.
  2. On the resulting Modify Page dialog, clear the Place title block in sheet mode check box.
  3. Click OK.

Similarly, clear the Place title block in sheet mode check box on the New Page dialog when next creating a page. The check box will remain unset.

To see the title block with the "Place title block in sheet mode" option enabled

  1. Go to the toolbar along the top of the view and click into View Attributes
  2. Expand the View Setup area at the bottom of the view attributes fly out
  3. Select "TitleBlock" for the Models field.

 Original Author:Matt_P