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Each version of Promis.e has its own corresponding project database schema, identified by a version number. The version number of the database is stored as an extended property of the Project table in SQL Server databases and as a comment on the Project table for Oracle databases.

When connecting to the project database, if the "Version" property/comment of the database does not match what Promis.e expects or cannot be retrieved for some reason, a [[Error - Database version does not match the application|Database version does not match the application]] message will appear.  Generally, this means that either the Promis.e application or the database schema needs to be updated, whichever is older.

Database version numbers can also be revealed in a prompt when restoring a project from a different version of Promis.e.  In this case, when the current project database version is newer than the database version for the backup listed in the message, the message is purely informational and no action is necessary.  If the database version of the backup is newer than the application, the backup cannot be restored and the message typically indicates this ([[Error - Unable to restore project, project's database version is newer|Unable to restore project because the project's database version is newer than your current database version]]).

The purpose of this document is to help determine the proper course of action, if any is necessary.

Versions Chart

This chart applies to SELECT releases of Promis.e.

ApplicationApplication VersionDatabase Version
Promis.e V8i SS8 REFRESH08.11.13.968.1.42
Promis.e V8i SS808.11.13.578.1.33
Promis.e V8i SS7 REFRESH Q1 201508.11.12.1378.1.14
promis.e V8i SS7 REFRESH Q3 201408.11.12.1208.1.12
promis.e V8i SS7 REFRESH Q2 201408.11.12.1018.1.10
promis.e V8i SS7 REFRESH08.11.12.888.1.10
promis.e V8i SS708.
promis.e V8i SS6 REFRESH08.11.11.858.0.75
promis.e V8i SS608.
promis.e V8i SS5 REFRESH08.11.10.66 - .688.0.71
promis.e V8i SS508.11.10.60 - .628.0.69
promis.e V8i SS3 REFRESH08.
promis.e V8i SS308.
promis.e V8i SS208.11.07.1xx8.0.49
promis.e V8i SR108.11.07.828.0.15
promis.e V8i (base)
promis.e 20073.
promis.e 20073.
promis.e 20073.
promis.e 20073.
promis.e 20072.

Determining the application version

The installed version of Promis.e ("Application Version" in the chart) can be found on the [[5842|About promis-e]] dialog.

Determining the database version (SQL Server)

The current database version can be determined by connecting to the SQL Server using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and checking the extended properties of the Project table in the database used by Promis.e.  In SSMS, expand Object Explorer > Databases > promise > Tables, right click dbo.Project, and select Properties > Extended Properties.

Alternatively, executing the following query will also return the database version.

use promise
SELECT * FROM fn_listextendedproperty ('Version', 'user', 'dbo', 'table', 'project', default, default)

Replace "promise" in the above query with the name of the database if different.

Additional Notes

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