How to create Parts Database Path using SQL Database in Promise CONNECT

 Product(s):Promis.e CONNECT Edition
 Version(s): 10.00.XX.XX to 10.09.XX.XX
 Environment: NA
 Area: Component Management 
 Subarea: Parts Database 


The Parts Database in Promis.e CONNECT is a collection of for Manufacturer Data. Promis.e are shipped with an ANSI-IEEE and IEC parts database. It is possible to add new part records to these existing parts databases in the Parts Database Manager. But sometimes it may be essential to create a new parts database rather than appending an existing one. This Wiki describes the procedure to add new Parts Database Path stored in SQL Database.

Steps to Accomplish

Note: For SQL Database to be used as part database the database needs to have a Project Table. The user can take help of IT or SQL Admin to create table, the below SQL Script can be used to create the Project Table in database

1. In Project Manager select Configuration Variables >> Drop down value for Parts Database >> Configure Parts Database.

2. In Configure Parts Database click New >> Add Parts Database dialog specify the Parts Database Name and check if the name can be used. 

3. Select the Use Connection String for the database and click build. In Build Dialog select Database Type as SQL Server. Then specify the Server and Database name and then select the Authentication and details. 

4. In Add Parts Database dialog select the Table which has the parts number data and click Next.

5. Click Default Mapping and add details for any custom. 

 Original Author:Satish Saptasagar