Resolved issues in Promis.e CONNECT Edition Update 12,

Generation:CONNECT Edition

Update 12,

624496[PW][Run Graphical Plan]It popups error dialog when run graphical plan in user env with the attached project.
732342[Copy Page][PW] An error appears when copy page to a project with Save pages in drawing set subfolder checked ON
741077[BOM Manager] It cannot show nameplate symbol's part number on drawing 
743386[BOM Manager]Add device with three part number, and change the Primary part number in the Select Part Number dialog, two part number display as Primary.
792063[BOM Manager][Nameplate] It cannot load the nameplate attributes from BOM Manager to drawing when insert nameplate symbol by device ID
799430[Autobackup] DeviceDB Error Message "BackupPrjDataWow6432 error: 9764"
871969[Insert Din Rail]It popups error dialog when clicking Insert Din Rail.
880415[Replace Family]It cannot list all the families in the catalog in the Replace Family dialog.
880426[Update Family]It popups error dialog clicking the Get Family list in the Update Family dialog if the project has symbol inserted with a family.
888717[BOM Manager]Add a device with three part numbers, and set different other data, and then move from workorder node to revision node, the values for the other data are missing.
890505[Update Page] Update page does not regenerate the missing nodes on the wire 
891372[BOM Manager][Copy Page]Drag a symbol from Unassigned items to a BOM->Revision->Work Order node, and then copy the page to a new project, the symbol text is not maintained.
891913[Balloon]Move the balloon callout->modify balloon values, the balloon position changed.
895693[Copy Balloon]Copy a page with symbol duplicate with the symbol in the target project, the balloon callout inserted by device is not correct.
901315[Place Balloon]It crash or popups error dialog when deleting the balloon number in the Place Balloon dialog and then click a point in the drawing.
904192[Wiring Manager][Forced Connection] In Wiring Manager when Connection point sequence is changed the Wire Properties like gauge and color are deleted 
904913[Catalog.mdb]If the Catalogs are located in Network location the Catalog.mdb cache files if deleted are not regenerated
914031[BOM Manager] The quantity for a Item number is not displayed correctly in the BOM Manager 
928371[Network Projects] An error message occurs when multiple users select the same project
931615[BOM Manager][Balloon Number] Internal Error "These columns don't currently have unique values." appears when BOM Manager > Balloon Number contains SPACE " " at the beginning or end
939449Substation( BOM manager):- Internal error message "These columns don't currently have unique values
960346[No Access DB Engine]The software will pop up an exception issue after closing Substation.
963434[Thematic Manager][Apply Thematic] Thematic display does not work with MicroStation Objects
964596[Configuration Variables] After save catalog path setting, all other variables settings will be changed back to default setting in Configuration Variables dialog
964734[ProjectWise Integration][Network Catalog] It cannot remember catalog order for network path in Configuration Variables dialog
965180[Thematic Manager][Apply Thematic] Thematic Display does not work if symbol created using Save as Shared Cell option
966184[Network WorkSpace] Fail to launch software with network WorkSpace with the warning of "Common data folder does not exist"
980922[Configuration Variable][Catalog]The catalog path set in Modify Catalog Paths can’t return to ELEC_CATALOG_PATH for WorkSet Level in Configuration Variable.
982768[PLC Generator]PLC generator->Generate->All->click OK button, it popups error dialog.
988710[Catalog]Rebuild IEC catalog ‘AB-MET’ reports error.
993147[Options]Components Center is disappeared in Options in Substation U14 and Promis.e U12
994401[Publish iModelHub]Cannot publish 2D schematic page successfully.
1003898[PW_Configuration Variables] An error appears after change ELEC_SYSTEM_OPTION_PROFILE value and click OK in Configuration Variables with ProjectWise data source 
1013342[Thematic Manager] It cannot remember thematic data in Thematic Manager with some restored projects
1022689[BOM Manager] Drag some part items to different node tree will report error in BOM Manager
1029461[Configuration Variables] Modify Catalog Paths -> Edit mode -> Append and Prepend doesn't work correctly
1029699[Restore Project] Error message during project restore user's project "Column 'daName' does not belong to table My Tabe"
1031578[Publish iModelHub] Cannot publish user project to iModel server
1031639[Insert Symbol By Name] Fail to list catalogs added in Modify Catalog Paths with Edit mode Append/Prepend while Insert Symbol By Name
1047589[Wire Label][Data Manager]When the user updates wire tag for a wire label in Data Manager the tag is duplicated to all other blank wire labels in the project
1048035[Data Integrity][Wire Label] wire number exists on drawing but missing from user interfaces & project database
236424New Configuration Option allowing administrators to abandon  MS Access DB files for:  Multi_Language_UI.mdb for Mode/Dialog texts/Language phrases/Attributes.
252341Would like to abandon using MS Access databases (.mdb) for symbol catalogs.
748387[Print Organizer] Selecting multiple pages in Project Manager and send them directly to Print Organizer
815588[Data Integrity]When a project page dgn is deleted from the project folder the page is still displayed in the Project Manager after Rebuild/Backup/Restore project
894393[Place Balloon][Text Rotation] add option to allow user to Place Balloon texted rotated
923681[PW Integration] [Page Management] It should implement correct pw user Read permission with Page Management commands
923867[PW Integration] [Project Management] It should implement correct pw user Read permission with Project Management commands
987899[Build upgrade]iModelBridgeFwk.exe needs to upgrade to the new version that was used by PowerPlatform U17.
993164[Remove Multi_Language_UI.mdb]Support to check ELEC_Language_DB_Path as a folder if txtMultiLanguage=0.
993296Provide a tool to generate txt files from Multi_Language_UI.mdb and catalog.mdb.