1. Import Legacy Drainage File.wmv

  2. Create New Structures.wmv

  3. Extract Utilities From Graphics - Selection Method.wmv

  4. Extract Utility from 3D Graphic Source.wmv 

  5. Extract Utility from Graphics Using Filters.wmv

  6. Model a Proposed waterline and trench.wmv

  7. Synch Data with GIS using Model Builder.wmv

  8. Clash Detection.wmv

  9. Importing Data from Micro Drainage Overview of Utility Editing Operations.mp4

  10. Placing a Curved Pipe at a Specified Radius.mp4

  11. Using the Bend Link Segment Tool to Create a Curved Pipe Section Between Nodes.mp4

  12. Creating a Feature Definition for a SUE Node.mp4

  13. Creating Cells for SUE.mp4

  14. Create Conduit Feature Definition.wmv

  15. 1Overview of Utility Editing Operations