Duplicate Inventory found but not loaded BPR-8300

Product(s):Exor Maintenance Manager
Area:Loaders - Inventory

Problem Description

Tried to load (inventory loader - part 1) four (4) " .inv" files.

 System returns error: "Duplicate Inventory found but not loaded BPR-8300".

Steps to Resolve

  1. Check no duplicate section in the file causing -  if so remove
  2. Remove any inventory prior to load via Delete Global Assets form ( if appropriate)
  3. There are scripts to clean holding data in HHINV tables (cleaninv.sql and cleanrun.sql) before loading into the system . Contact the Support Desk if required.
  4. A couple of the batches were resolved by deleting the run number that contained a successful load of data previously, before loading again, the duplicate was occurring as a successful record exists in the temporary table and were using option No  for duplicate sections when loading. The other records had duplicates returning from a translation view for the other sections, causing the duplicate - Amended the road_segs view definition ( temporarily ) to remove the duplicate records ( removed _all) from nm_nw_ad_link_all reference in the view , then loaded the data files again. Two of the files loaded but one failed with a program unit not found  messsage - which was odd as the other two files loaded successfully. So deleted the run number that caused and  reloaded the file and all ok. Can only assume there was a glitch to the server as the bin directory hadn't changed, So all previously failing files loaded ok. Then reset the view above back to it's original state so not to upset anything. Checked all the records for any other duplicates and there were only three sections affected.
  5.  A support ticket should be raised to cover the detail in point 4 above if reuired.