Why does the criticality analysis return 0 segments when using the Subset Scope type?

 Product(s):WaterGEMS, WaterCAD
 Version(s):08.11.XX.XX and later (features vary)



When computing a criticality analysis, which uses the Scope Type "Subset", there aren't any segments returned.


Make sure that the subset of element selected does not contain inactive elements.

For example, to select all elements greater than or equal to 12 inches, do the following.
1. Create a pipe query with the text:
Physical_PipeDiameter >=12 AND HMIActiveTopologyIsActive = True
2. This query will select all pipes with a diameter of 12 inches or greater that are active.
3. Double-click on the new query in the Queries dialog to select the elements.
4. Right-click in the drawing pane and select "Create Selection Set".
5. Enter a name for the selection set and click OK.
6. Open the Criticality dialog > select the study >  select the Segmentation Scope tab > set Scope Type to Subset > click the ellipses button (…).
7. Click the Clear button > click the down arrow next to the queries button and select the selection set you created.

These steps will omit inactive pipes from being included in the Criticality analysis and computing the criticality study should result in segments being returned.

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 Original Author:Craig Calvin