gINT Startup Issue: The operating system is not presently configured to run this application

If you have recently had gINT not open with an error about the operating system,  this is most likely an issue with the Microsoft Access database engine.

This Microsoft update causes an issue with the Microsoft Access Database engine 32-bit that gINT requires.

Two Options to Repair the Access Database engine 32-bit

1.Goto control panel programs.

Find the Microsoft Access database engine… Select it and run repair

 If Option 1 does not resolve then try option 2. 

2. Let gINT Reinstall the Access Database engine 32-bit

First make sure there are not any gINT processes running in task manager. If so end them.


Then uninstall gINT and  also uninstall the access 2010 redistrib 32 bit from control panel. If you have 2 redistributables , the smaller one is usually the 32 bit one.


You will probably need to reboot. After reboot reinstall gINT. It should prompt the install of the prerequisite Access 2010 redistrib 32 bit…. let the program reinstall it.


Then you may be prompted to reboot again after install.


Then reopen gINT.

Below shows the Access Database engine in control Panel