Implimenting KeyLAB

Welcome to KeyLAB 

In this guide, we are going to talk about the steps for onboarding KeyLAB. For KeyLAB we encourage you to follow the steps and review each guide carefully to make sure you get the most out of your new KeyLAB System. 

The steps are below 

  1. Setup and installation, 
  2. Scheduling and creating schedules, 
  3. Review testing sheets,
  4. Data loggers and importing of data,

You can find a lot of information about setting up your system in our getting started videos. This guide will focus on the clear steps and guide you will need to see you start using KeyLAB. 

Getting started

Step One - Set up and install, 

You will need to follow the linked guide below or pass this guide to your IT team to get the SQL server set up and the KeyLAB software installed. 

Set up and Installation

Once you have set up and installed you will need to log in and manage your KeyLAB. for example how would I get started. The video guides linked below are a good starting point. 

 KeyLAB General User Videos

In the first instance, the Administrator account's password is Administrator. 

Step Two - Scheduling and creating schedules,

You will need to think of how to get data into KeyLAB. this includes which samples you working with and what tests to done on them. you can do this in a manual way by following the scheduled testing the first thing. the second option is to use excel to create an import file which is shown in the second link. 

We often suggest that you have a good understanding of both. 

Getting started for KeyLAB

KeyLAB Schedule Designer

Step Three - Review testing sheets,

KeyLAB comes with a lot of standard tests the majority of onboarding with KeyLAB is reviewing the standard test and building your skills for modifying the tests with the guides below. 

What is a test in KeyLAB

We always start with classification tests and focus on getting them ready for use in the laboratory. This way we can start to use the schedule we have built and the new test sheet to run projects in KeyLAB. 

  1. Water content,
  2. Atterberg limits,
  3. Particle density/specific gravity,
  4. Particle size distribution,
  5. Density.

Admin Guide to KeyLAB test sheets. 

How to Import a test,

You will loop this process for each standard test in KeyLAB making sure you have them fit for purpose and ready to be used in the laboratory. 

Further tricks in excel which will help with using KeyLAB are linked below. 

Excel Tips and Tricks

Step Four - Data loggers and importing of data,

If you have equipment and test which uses a data logger you can import that data into KeyLAB and you can follow the guide below to see how and then how to manage and create them using the data converter tool. 

Introduction to Data Loggers with KeyLAB