Configuration Pack Downloads


Configuration Packs are a package of settings that projects will use to apply customizations and preferences to the way that they function and look. These contain a large number of settings including; the data model, the picklists, log templates, data collector profiles and lots more. Once imported, a user can create a project and set a configuration pack. Configuration Packs are designed around requirements for specific regions. Please see our Configuration Pack Guides for more information.


To import a configuration pack, login to OpenGround with a user account that has sufficient access, then select the Configuration Packs option from the ribbon (located under the Manage section of the System tab), then select the Create Pack option (located under the Actions section of the Configuration Tools tab). After this, select the File (.hbp) option, browse through to the required configuration pack, and then enter a relevant name, then select Create.

Download Links

The following links will take you to a filtered search list in the Bentley Communities search functionality. Simply click on the required component in the list and then you will be taken to another page which will detail information about the component and details on how to download.

Current Configuration Pack Downloads

Legacy Configuration Pack Downloads