Boundary Lines on Logs

HBSI traditionally draws each boundary line as a straight line on Logs and Sections. (see below)

There was no way for users to clearly define their own line styles which determine what type of boundary has been reported.

There are some customisation options found in Template Studio which control line styling and can be found under the Description Bar library item but this doesn’t represent specific boundary styles and couldn’t be represented within the Geology Grid in HBSI.

HBSI now has a specific way of both creating Boundary Line Styles and associating these to picklist values which can be used within the Geology Grid.

Creating Line Styles

HBSI comes with four Line Styles which are commonly used by default:

To view these pre-defined styles, select the option from the Configuration Packs manage section.

Selecting this will bring up the Boundary Line Style interface. Below is how the style interface looks by default.

The interface is simple as it shows the name of the style followed by all the customisation options that are available.

You are free to customise the styles however you wish. To add a new style simply press add and select your options. Below is an example of an added style.

Assigning Styles to Picklists

After setting up the appropriate styling for the boundaries they need to now been assigned to a picklist value so they can be linked to the strata’s in the Geology Grid.

Go into the Picklist Manager outside of a project and scroll down until you see the Picklist Group “StratumDetails – Boundary Condition”. This is a new picklist group specifically added for the purpose of storing boundary condition values.

When inside the group you will notice that the default line styles are listed here as picklist values and by scrolling right in the dialog you will see the styles used are linked to corresponding value. (see below)

The new style isn’t currently displayed yet, in order to add it in simply enter the value and select the style from the drop-down menu. It can be used now in the Geology Grid along with the other styles.

Please note that boundary conditions can be added as project specific in the same way as any other picklist in HBSI.

Also important to understand is that boundary line styles can be used for any picklist in HBSI.

Linking Boundary Condition Picklists to Geologies

This is the final part in configuring boundary line styles for use on logs and sections.

Inside a project open the Geology grid, when open scroll to the far right and you will see the field column called Boundary. Put the grid in edit mode and you can select which boundary condition is linked to what change in strata. (see the below example)

Use HBSI’s powerful grouping and filtering functions to quickly add the boundary styles to each locations Strata. Once completed please switch to Template Studio.

Adding Boundary Condition in Template Studio and Log Viewing

After completing the set-up process in HBSI the final part of the set-up process involves adding the boundary condition value to the areas of the log you wish it to be displayed in Template Studio.

Open your Log Template and select the Description Bar Library item in the depth related area. In the properties menu, there will be a new field called Boundary, this is the picklist field so select the picklist group Boundary Condition. Once selected if the log is previewed in Template Studio you will see the new boundary line styles displayed.

Note from the above image that the graphics bar still has the traditional black lines and not the new boundary line style, that is because it is a separate library item. It can show the new boundary line styles but this will need adding. To add you will need to use the straight-line library item, so add this to the depth column that contains the graphics bar and select the boundary condition picklist once more. (see the below example, note: use the depth base as the top reference so the straight line is plotted at the strata base correctly)

After the Log is saved it can be used in HBSI for use in Quick Logs and Log Reports. A final note is that the style no boundary will not display any line style at all. This can be observed from the above log preview where the Top Soil Strata is.