11. Why does not the materials window> design tab show the properties for the actual computed thick


In AutoPIPE Vessel under Materials window> Design tab, one can find the material property, allowable stress etc. shown for the minimum thickness.

This is NOT the final computed thickness, but the minimum thickness which is either the default thickness when the program is run in Optimized Design mode or the one specified by the user in Checked Design mode.

For example in the following example the mode is set to Optimized Design mode and calculations performed:

Once the calculations are performed the computed thickness is 7.11 mm:

However, if we look at the shell Component Properties dialog box, the shell minimum thickness (which is the default minimum thickness when run in Optimized Design mode) is 3 mm:

This is the same as that in the Design sub-tab of the Material tab

So how do we print the computed thickness property and NOT the minimum thickness property in the design tab.

The best way to do that is to go to Execute>Convert Results as Input Data:

This would populate the fields with the current computed data hence the thickness field under shell Component Properties dialog box gets updated from 3 mm to 7.11 mm:

Likewise the Design sub-tab under the Material tab also gets updated with 7.11 mm and hence now it reports the data for 7.11 mm instead: