01. "Not a valid Material Database load it manually" message appears when using AutoPIPE Vessel, why

Applies To
Product(s):AutoPIPE Vessel
Area:Material Database
Date Logged
& Current Version
March 2020


When we open Autopipe, the following is displayed

Not a valid Material Database load it manually


When we try to load it manually, it says not a valid Material Database, load it manually 


According to the screenshot, it seems that:

1.An old release is used (v40.01.00.09)

2.The material file is located on a distant machine (E:\...)

 So, We recommend to follow the steps mentioned below.

1.Uninstall all versions of AutoPIPE Vessel.

2.Delete all files under “Puser1” folder (by default here: C:\Users\Public\Documents\AutoPIPE Vessel_40.xx.xx.xx)

3.Install a more recent release, without changing the default pathnames.

4.Launch AutoPIPE Vessel and open an example model file to confirm the solution has worked.

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