E801-62: Unable to process any time history function... message appears in AutoPIPE, why?

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Area: Analysis
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April. 2018


The following appears when using analyzing the model:

E801-62: Unable to process any time history function

Why and how to avoid it?


 The most common reason for this dialog, Time history files are:

1. Not available / missing

2. Not formatted correctly 


Open the Dynamic dialog, select the appropriate tab, and confirm defined files.


In this case, there are No THP files specified for this load case. At least 1 axis direction will need to be assigned a time history profile file in order for this load case to be analyzed.  

In addition, search the model's folder for time history files. 

If the files are present, open all files to confirm that they have been formatted correctly (see AutoPIPE help for "Creating an ASCII Time History File"):


Once, the individual profile files have been correctly formatted and defined, the error message should not be displayed when analyzing a model. 

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