E801-64: Undefined point name in time history load data... message appears in AutoPIPE, why?

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Area: Analysis
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Sept. 2019


The following appears when using analyzing the model:

E801-64: Undefined point name in time history load data

Why and how to avoid it?


 The most common reason for this dialog, Time history files are:

1. Not available / missing

2. Not formatted correctly 


Thoroughly review the Time history load case settings.

1. Open the Dynamic dialog, select the appropriate tab (ex. Time History), and confirm defined files.


Now open the respective Load> Time History> Location dialog and select the files indicated on the Time History dialog above 


press OK

In this case, another dialog appeared indicating that load data was from another system. This happens when other *.THP and *.THL files are left in the same folder as the model and used by mistake when configuring the dynamic load cases. Pressing OK to the dialog indicated a Node point that is not present in the current model.

Make a choice:

 Option 1: Reconfigure the 2.THL file with  a node point in the model and update other data as needed


Option 2: Reconfigure the Dynamic Analysis Time History dialog to select a file that has already be correctly configured for this model.

Once, the individual THp and THL file(s) have been correctly defined and selected in the Dynamic Analysis dialog, the error message should not be displayed when analyzing a model. 

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