Crash on startup caused by old graphic card driver

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If your computer crashes on immediate startup i.e. before you can choose to open a file in MicroStation or other Bentley platform products like Bentley Architecture, PowerDraft ect. One of the first things to check is that the newest version of graphics driver is installed. This is especially the case where older versions of MicroStation and associated platform products are installed and where the option to upgrade to a newer version of a Bentley Platform product is not possible.

For mobile platforms or stationary platforms with integrated graphic cards it is best to get the latest driver from the OEM site (i.e., Dell, IBM, Lenovo, etc.) rather than directly from graphics card manufacture, as each OEM may have a version of the driver tested (or even modified) for their specific graphics chipset.  Drivers from the graphics card manufacturer are considered reference drivers for use only if the OEM version cannot be obtained.For stationary platforms with a designated graphics card the latest driver should be obtained from the OEM manufactures site.

After updating the graphics card driver restart the computer and then start your platform product and see if the program starts up as it should.

Should your computer still crash on startup after updating the graphics card driver then please raise a Service Request with Bentley Technical Support.
Please attach the Exception Log and a Type7 Minidump to the Service Request this will make for a faster solution to your issue.
Follow this link on how to create a Type7 Minidump and collect the Exception Log:

Thanks to Philip McGraw for help with the input for this WIKI.