E. Crashed when AutoPIPE command to Analyze> All was initiated

Applies To
Area: Analysis
Date Logged
& Current Version
July 2016


AutoPIPE program just disappears or displays blue screen after the command to Analyze> All or Analyze> Static was initiated.


How to avoid?


Perform one or more of the following may resolve the issue:

1. Open the model with the issue,

a. Check that all Pipe properties in the model have Wall Thickness greater than 0.00. 

b. Confirm that all segments are connected to at least one anchor, or sufficiently restrained.

2. Confirm that user has Read and Write privileges to %temp% folder and folder where model is located.

3. Confirm that 3rd party security applications (ex. McAfee, CrowdStrike, etc) have AutoPIPE listed as an approved application.Or, disable 3rd party security application(s) to see if it had an affect on running AutoPIPE. 

4. A part of the model may have a corrupted node point, try and round trip the model to see if that helps. If yes, then suspicions  were correct that there may have been a corruption in the model database. Recommend to log a Service Request mentioning this WIKI page.. 

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