F. Crashed when AutoPIPE command to File> Save Stress Isometric

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Area: Stress isometric
Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group
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July 2015


With a given model opened in AutoPIPE, after pressing OK button on the Stress Isometric Options dialog screen the application crashes, why?

How to resolve?


There a number of reasons that AutoPIPE / Stress isometric / OPIM would cause the application to crash. See the following known issues:

1. For this particular model, it was very large and had no break points defined. The answer to resolving the crash was to insert break points as needed in the model to generate the correct number of Stress Iso drawings instead of exporting the entire model to one drawing file. 

2. This model had the following modeled:

Noticed that Run 3 to Run 4 length = blank or 0.00. When generate Stress Iso the one flange with a very short length is exported with zero length and both endpoints are same in APISO file which is causing a crash. This issue has been logged under TFS-D473690, and will be fixed in a future version of the program (log a Bentley Service request fo find out which version it was fixed in). 

Workaround: Enter a valid flange hub length instead of leaving blank.

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