04. Trace License Request from AutoPIPE to Hosted Server

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How can i see exactly what is happening with the license request from AutoPIPE to the Bentley hosted server?

Another words, when AutoPIPE starts, the program should send a request for a license to License Management Tool (LMT) from LMT the request is sent to Bentely's Hosted Server. The server is checked for an available license and then the signal is sent back to LMT and then back to AutoPIPE providing the requested license. How can I see where any communication problems exist?


 There is a feature in LMT that provide license tracing. Perform these steps:

1. Close AutoPIPE.

2. Open LMT, there are a number of ways to start LMT, here is one; select Start button> All Programs> Bentley Engineering> AutoPIPE V8i Select Series> License Management Tool, shown below:


3. After the applications opens up, select Tools> Options> Error Logging tab>:

A. Enable logging = check ON

B. Press Change button and specify a folder location for the "LicDeBug log file to be written to.

C: Press "All On/Off" button to check all Log levels ON.

D. Press Apply button

E. Press OK button

As shown bellow:

4. Close LMT application.

5. Start AutoPIPE 

6. With AutoPIPE opened, Select

AutoPIPE V8i 09.06.01.xx and higher: select File> License Configuration>

AutoPIPE V8i 09.06.00.xx and lower: select Tools> Settings> Edition>

select the correct Edition of AutoPIPE to use.

7. Wait for the program to get the license from the hosted server or until the application reverts to Demo mode. 

8. Now close AutoPIPE, and restart LMT. 

9. With LMT opened, press the F9 keyboard button. This will start the send logs command with a cool light show. 

10. After the light show has stopped, close LMT. 

Test your Internet connection speed:

How fast is your internet connection?

You can use any internet speed test application, example: 

1. ATT speed test 

2. Verizon speed test

These particular tester does not install anything to your computer, it just performs a speed test. Press the "Start Test" button to begin.

After the test is completed, take a screen shot of the results and save to a fill in the same folder location used in step #3 above.

1. ATT results

2. Verizon results

Note: Kind of cool graph with Verizon speed test. 

Send Results to Bentley:

Please create a ZIP file and add the following information from the folder location in Step #3:

1. Open the folder location specified in Step #3 above, copy of the "LicDeBug.LOG. 

2. Screen shot from internet Speed test

After receiving the LicDeBug.LOG file the development team will review it to see exactly what is happening with the licensing request from the application to the hosted server. 

Last Step:

Turn Error Logging OFF in LMT;  see Step #3 above, uncheck all boxes, press Apply, press OK, and close LMT

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