"RibbonUI.XML not found..." message appears when starting AutoPIPE, why?

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Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group
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Feb. 2017


The following message appears when starting AutoPIPE:

Bentley AutoPIPE
RibbonUI.XML not found. Please fix the issue and re-run the


Why and how to fix it?


This issue is caused by specific type of file read/write functions that doesn't support accented characters. Some of the user settings (e.g. North Arrow settings) are also impacted by this. User settings issue can be reproduced in version 10 as well.

Use the following steps to help solve the issue:

Options #1:

1. Suggest to completely uninstall the current version, see WIKI here

2. Download / move the installation files to the computer when application is to be installed.

3. Install application using default settings.

4. After re-installing the application should start with no warnings displayed. 

Option #2:

There is a known problem with accented letters. Confirm user name does not have any accented letters. 

example: Beaoušek, note that "s" is an accented letter


IF warning continues to display, create a Bentley Service Request and attach a document or screen shots that lists all the files in the following folders:

i. C:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\AutoPIPE CONNECT v11

ii. C:\ Users\ xxxusernamexxx\ AppData\ Roaming\ Bentley\ AutoPIPE CONNECT v11\

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