08. PXF import - Problems with importing Tap (branch) connections into AutoPIPE

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Version(s):2004, XM, & V8i
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Dec 2014, AutoPIPE V8i


User faced with issue to export pipes with Tap connection from OpenPLANT to AutoPIPE. Need help with import such Tap connections.


In Open Plant Tap ports normally placed at pipe surface and in PXF it gives pipe start from the pipe surface not from the center-line of the pipe and AutoPIPE does not connect any component placed at pipe surface and that's why it gives disconnect. See the disconnect in below snapshot

The original PXF file contains some Tap_Connection with incorrect coordinates. This issue was on OpenPLANT side and has been fixed now in OpenPLANT v08.11.09.302 and higher

Steps to avoid incorrect graphics for taps in AutoPIPE

1. Open USRCLASS.MAP file in text editor from AutoPIPE installation directory.
2. Delete Tap_Connection class entry (if present) and save the file.
3. Import the PXF file again and when mapping dialog prompted then map Tap connection class to Weld as shown below.

Note: This solution will only work for PXF files created by OpenPLANT v. and lower (information on the main pipe is written for a tap port on PXF lines: 3400 and 3420) . Files created by OpenPLANT v. does not write this PXF information and thus will need to be manually fixed inside of AutoPIPE. A new enhancement has been logged, TFS-D352964, and will be addressed by a future version of the application. 

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